Man Overboard


Man Overboard by Wayne Stinnett is the twenty-third book in the Caribbean Adventure Series featuring the character Jesse McDermitt. Get hooked on the entire series and dive into a Florida Keys adventure with everyone’s favorite retired marine turned charter boat captain.

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Jesse McDermitt has returned to the Florida Keys. But things in the islands are different now. The locals are worried, but nobody can explain why. A sense of foreboding hangs in the humid July air.

One of the locals, an investment banker, is waiting tables at the Rusty Anchor Bar and Grill. He seems a shell of the man he used to be—a hollow man whose fortune and wife are gone. He’s tight-lipped about how he came to be a guest in Rufus’s little shack behind the bar.

Something very sinister is going on—Jesse smells it. He’s usually very good at rooting out the source of a problem, but is stumped this time. Will he figure it out in time to stop it from happening to someone else?

Until another tight-lipped hollow man shows up.

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