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Almost there. The image just has to be reversed, then we can set up the preorder. Newsletter subscribers are always first to hear about a new preorder at a reduced price, so if you want to get this one on the cheap, go to my website and subscribe.

If you missed last Monday's live in-person chat with Cap Daniels, here's the recorded episode. Sorry this took so long to get up on YouTube. I got a new computer a couple weeks ago and it won't continue the upload, which takes over an hour, when I get up from the keyboard and it goes... into sleep mode. And like a dolt, I had to do it twice to figure that out.

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TalkWrite, Season 3, Episode 1

A very interesting and fun talk with Cap Daniels, author of the Chase Fulton Novels Series, and Cap's audiobook narrator, PJ...

We're live with Cap Daniels and PJ Ochlan.

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TalkWrite, Season 3, Episode 1

This weekend only!
Get the first three books in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure series for less than the price of one.
Fallen Out, Fallen Palm, and Fallen Pride are $.99 this weekend.
Don't like Amazon? No problem. It's the same price anywhere eBooks are sold.
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Caribbean Adventure Series

Visit Amazon's Caribbean Adventure Series Page and shop for all Caribbean Adventure Series books. Check out pictures, author information, and reviews...

Don't miss Monday's live TalkWrite show.
We rarely have repeat guests, but since it's the first show of our third season, we're bringing Cap Daniels back, along with his narrator, PJ Ochlan.
And this will be a first on TalkWrite, since we launched at the beginning to the... ChiCom pandemic, Cap will be appearing live in our studio, sitting right beside me.
To make sure you get the live notification, go to YouTube and search for my name. Then subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the Notification bell to get an email just before we start the live stream.
I'd include the link, but then Facebook would make sure nobody sees this post, so it's on you to find it on your own. Then, during the show, you can ask questions in the YouTube chat and we'll answer them live.

For a short time only, you can get the first four audiobooks in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure series from Chirp Books for less than the price of a single audiobook from Audible.
What? You thought Audible was the only audiobook retailer? No, they’re just the most expensive.

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Audiobooks by Wayne Stinnett

Discover bestselling audiobooks by Wayne Stinnett for up to 95% off. No subscription fee necessary to get the best Wayne Stinnett audiobooks at low...

I have one chapter left to write in Man Overboard. It should be finished in the next day or two, then it's off to editing and I'm going to take a little break.

If you missed last weeks TalkWrite, which was a Hot Tropix episode with several Tropical Author members in attendance, go to YouTube and search for my name. You'll see the recording on my channel as the latest TalkWrite episode released.
I'd give you a link to it, but Facebook hates ...when you do that, and nobody will see this post.

Elusive Charity has been turned over to Aurora Publicity for formatting and final cover work. That'll be accomplished in the coming days and then all the files will be uploaded, including the audiobook. The audiobook may even appear in some stores for preorder before the May 1 ...release just three weeks away.
The eBook and paperback are already available for preorder on Amazon and yes, it will be released in Kindle Unlimited for 90 days.

After a lot of work, we finally have the ability to sell audiobooks directly from my website. This is exciting. All thirty of my audiobooks can be purchased at a lower cost than on Audible.