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Mark Ferguson, of Telford, PA, was the first to order a signed copy of the Fallen Out hardback. Thanks, Mark!
Yes, I said hardback.
My daughter sells autographed copies of all my paperbacks on our website, plus T-shirts, mugs, and other swag. Now, we're adding hardbacks.
You can ...also buy the eBooks directly from my website, without having to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other big store. Just go to waynestinnett dot com and click on the Books tab at the top. It's that easy, and it helps with Jordan's college tuition.

With the release of Wayward Sons and Rising Tide coming in less than two weeks, I've been able to give more attention to the next book in the Jesse series, Steady As She Goes. Today, I passed the 10,000 word mark of an expected 70,000 words. It's 14% complete and on schedule.

Before anyone asks, no the next ten books won't have Steady in the title. Steady As She Goes will be followed by Full Speed Ahead in December and Right Full Rudder in March. Later titles will include Flanking Speed, Man Overboard, and Manned And Ready.
See where we're going here?

Paperback preorder has been added!
Both the eBook and paperback can be preordered from Amazon until its release on August 16. The audiobook will go on preorder around the first of August.

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Steady As She Goes: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 21)

Steady As She Goes: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 21)

Lots of dates coming up.
March 24, Wayward Sons audiobook goes on preorder.
April 5, Wayward Sons eBook, paperback, and audiobook release.
Also on April 5, the Rising Tide audiobook will go on preorder.
April 19, Rising Tide eBook, paperback, and audiobook release.
April 26, ...Cayo Costa Breeze will be released.

Follow me on Binge Books, a great site for finding your next read.
On March 30, I'll be on their Book Club podcast, discussing my latest book, Rising Moon.

You're Invited to a Live Zoom Chat About Rising Moon! -

As Breeze would say, "Shit works out."
I was doing pretty good at writing the last few chapters of Cayo Costa Breeze, to finish Ed Robinson's last novel. Then two weeks ago, Breeze threw me a plot twist from way out in left field. For the last two weeks, I struggled to understand... what he wanted me to do, barely adding a couple hundred words a day.
Then this morning, I stopped fighting the wheel and just let Breeze take over, the way I do with Jesse.
Over a thousand new words today!
And best of all, I know where Breeze wants to go now, and it jibes with the ending Ed's wife, Kim, and I came up with weeks ago. I have two weeks before I have to start the next Jesse book, and I doubt it will take me to the end of next week to finish Cayo Costa Breeze, the way it should be finished.
By Breeze.