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I had a little time this morning, between quality checking the first third of the Fish On audiobook and a meeting with Kimberli Bindschatel to iron out some plot points on Liable Charity, so I started writing the first chapter of Seller's Market, which will be the first book in the Young Jesse... McDermitt Tropical Leave Adventure Series.
Couldn't help myself. I already outlined the first few chapters.

I just finished listening to chapter 13 of Fish On, my upcoming audiobook, narrated as always, by the multi-talented Mr. Nick Sullivan.
Yes, I'm blatantly sucking up to him, because his own books are soon going to mean he cuts back even more on his narration.
For those who prefer to ...listen, I can already promise, only 1/3 through, that you're in for an awesome performance (no sucking up, just the truth) with this new project.
Fish On can be preordered at quite a few audiobook stores all around the world, including my own website, but not on Audible.
The retail release date is February 28, but there's a very good chance that newsletter subscribers will get earlier delivery of either the ebook or audiobook.
Big newsletter announcement coming Wednesday.

Okay, so this crazy idea has been fermenting in my head for a week now. Would it be nuts to start a new series?
I've already written down a few ideas and I think it'll be pretty cool. The first book would be set in August 1979, when Jesse and Rusty graduate boot camp and they go ...diving in the Keys, along with Billy Rainwater, who is about to start his senior year in high school.
The title's up in the air, but I really want to write these, maybe one a year. I already have the sub-title, A Young Jesse McDermitt Novel, and the series title, Tropical Liberty Adventure Series.
Another could be when our two buddies are in Okinawa and meet Russ Livingston and a toddler Deuce.
During twenty years in the Corps, Jesse could have taken twenty month-long leaves, and numerous three- and four-day liberties. Each leave could be a story on its own and recount his time in the Corps.
I wonder if any of my readers would be interested. Thoughts?

Well, would you look at that!
Yes, I'm writing another non-fiction, while also writing my next novel. Some of you need to read this motivational how-to, and you know who you are. You've been telling yourself for years, but lack the knowledge or motivation. Let me and Sam help with ...that.

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No Collar to Tank Top: From Bestselling Author to Athlete in Two Years (Rainbow of Collars Book 2)

As an author, I spend a lot of time sitting at the keyboard, as do many in my and similar professions. Prior to becoming a novelist, I was a ...

Home for a few days. I always take Christmas off, but I don’t plan to go anywhere until this Arctic cold moves out. Supposed to be 19* by morning.
I’ll be back in the office Monday morning to send the Fish On manuscript to my editor, but till then, I’m keeping my Florida ass warm.

Cold and gray outside. Great day for writing.
I'm 68 words and 5 hours from my planned 60,000-word length and deadline. I think I'll make it, but it might take a hundred words.
Fish On!
Almost in the can!

Tomorrow, I'll write The End for the 38th time since I started writing in 2013. I'll be one week ahead of the deadline, so I'll have the luxury of revising the whole manuscript before anyone else reads it.
Right now on Pyrate Radio, Jimmy Buffett's singing about being the ..."King of Somewhere Hot." That's exactly how my readers and many in the writing community make me feel.
Thank you for this amazing ride!

Three weeks after its release, Cast Off still holds the #1 position in Sea Adventures on Amazon. No easy task these days with all the talented Tropical Authors releasing new works at an average of about five new titles every month.
Only available on Amazon for the next 11 weeks, then it will be... removed from Kindle Unlimited's exclusivity contract and be available everywhere ebooks are sold.
Check my website for the stores selling my audiobooks at the best prices. I'll give you a hint. It's not Audible. Some stores sell some of them for less than half the cost of Audible's monthly credit.