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Do I ever have a surprise for you!
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I have a surprise for y'all. Back in the spring, me and a few friends came up with an idea to showcase our characters in a different way. We decided to write a short novel together. But totally separate, with each of us writing one section in which our characters appear. It's been hard ...for us to keep this under our hats. But now we don't have to.
The story starts in Key Largo, but quickly moves to the Cayman Islands, where the main character, Nathan Fitzgerald meets Nicholas Harvey's characters, AJ Baily and her friends, as Nathan searches for his missing wife, Grace.
Then Nathan moves on the Cozumel, where he gets help from Nick Sullivan's characters, Boone and Emily.
After that, Nathan is off to Key West, where he meets John Cunningham's characters, Buck Reilly and Ray Floyd.
Finally, after Buck crash lands in Marathon, Nathan gets help from Jesse, Rusty, and the gang.
This is the first of hopefully many of this kind of book that will be coming from the creative minds at We're hoping to match up four more storytellers for more great sea adventures.
As it happens, Hurricane Grace recently passed through the Cayman Islands on her way to Cozumel. This was purely coincidental, since the book's been finished for over a month now.
Anyway, Graceless is now, or very soon will be, available for preorder anywhere eBooks are sold. The price will be permanently priced at $.99 with all the proceeds going to Tropical Authors to help offset website and advertising costs. Click on the cover for the links in the image comments. I'll add them as they go live in all the different stores.

Today is the last day of preorder for Steady As She Goes. At midnight, wherever you are, the eBooks and audiobooks will be delivered.
Click on the image, then check the comments for the link.

Steady As She Goes, come Monday.
Volume 21 in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series.
Click the image and the link will be in the comments to preorder the eBook, audiobook, or paperback.

Steady As She Goes, the 21st novel in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series will be released in four days, on Monday. Available now for preorder in eBook, audiobook, and paperback.

All Ahead Full is now available for both eBook and paperback preorder on Amazon. I'm about 1/3 through writing it and everything's on schedule for a December 6 release.

Image for shared link
All Ahead Full: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 22)

All Ahead Full: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 22)

If you missed Monday's live stream, here's most of the recorded interview with Jinx Schwartz, author of the Hetta Coffey Series, and her narrator April Doty.