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Friends of the Devil is off to formatting and the audiobook is complete and will start going on preorder on select sites. The ebook is already on preorder and both will be released on Christmas day.

Now that it's out of the way, I can concentrate on Swift and Silent, which is now 60% ...complete. Over the next four weeks, I'll finish the manuscript and send it to my editor right after Christmas. It's also on preorder and will be released on March 1.

And chapter one is complete in the second young Jesse book, Bad Blood. I'll start working on it in earnest after the first of the year and it'll be going on preorder soon, with a release scheduled for July 1.

For the next six weeks, until the end of the year, Chirp Books is discounting my entire catalogue of Jesse McDermitt audiobooks!
Fallen Out, the first book in the Jesse series, is only $.99!
Each subsequent audiobook is only $1 more than the previous, up to $9.99 for book ten in the ...series, and the next 16 after that!
This is a savings of hundreds of dollars over the usual retail prices, so load up now, before the promo ends.
Link at the top of the comments.

I'll be 65 in two days.
Would it increase donations to Lovable Paws if I did 65 body squats on my birthday and recorded it?

This week is one of the most challenging parts of my publishing cycle. To release a new book every March, July, and November, means about halfway through writing the first draft of the next book, I'll be quality checking the previous title's audiobook.
Fortunately, I planned for this,... and while I'm listening to Friends of the Devil in two-hour sessions, I have minimal writing to do in Swift and Silent this week to stay on schedule.
But it's hard to shift gears when Nick always seems to stop for the day at a point that leaves me hanging. Sure, I know what's going to happen, but his narration of the story really brings it to life.

Weigh Anchor is available in Kindle Unlimited!
This is the 26th novel in my Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series. So, if you've been waiting for it in KU, it's there now.
The audiobook is also available on Chirp, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google. As well as in my ...own online store.

Well, if that don't beat all.
The Weigh Anchor audiobook passed through QC with our distribution partner on 10/17 and should have been available for preorder on several sites by 10/20. Not only was it not put on preorder, it hasn't even been pushed to retailers yet. I've been ...promised that it will be resolved first thing in the morning, and it should start showing up on retail sites by the afternoon... Six days late.
In the meantime, audiobook sales of Weigh Anchor on my own website are through the roof.
More notes added to the production schedule for my assistants next time.

It's been a long time since I've had three in the top five Sea Advantures. The authors, my friends, in this genre create some great stories.
Thanks to all my readers for not only launching Weigh Anchor with a big rank, but pulling the new preorder for Swift and Silent up with it. ...
You guys rock!

Tomorrow night, at midnight, after all the ghosts and goblins have gone to bed, Weigh Anchor will be released in eBook format to Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble readers.
AND the audiobook will be released at midnight, as well, on Chirp, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, and a hundred ...other retailers.
But you don't have to wait for either one. It's available NOW in my online Ship's Store. A link will be the top comment.

From a new "Direct Buy" reader.
"I cancelled my Amazon pre-order for Weigh Anchor. I'm ordering direct from now on. It was easy to get the new book loaded to the Kindle, purchasing direct."

I've heard from quite a few listeners that the Book Funnel ...audiobook app is even easier than Audible's.

Get a new book up to a week early...
Pay less...
Easier to use...
What more could you ask for?

Weigh Anchor's early release yesterday was incredible! Several hundred readers and listeners have taken advantage of not only my online store's early release to get the ebook or audiobook ten days ahead of the retail stores, but at a lower price!
We are going to continue releasing new... books in the Ship's Store, at least a week early, and at a lower price. Swift and Silent, the 27th book in the main Jesse series, will go on preorder next week, along with Friends of the Devil, the 3rd book in the Jerry and DJ series.
What's next?
I'm not scheduled to start Bad Blood, the 2nd book in the Young Jesse series, until after the first of the year. But guess what? The first chapter is almost finished. It won't go on preorder until the first of the year, with a release scheduled for July 1.

Weigh Anchor is now available for Direct Buy in my online Ship's Store!
In both eBook and audiobook formats!

It's being released more than a week ahead of Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, and for a buck less than those giants. The release in those stores will be as ...scheduled, on November 1.

Just go to waynestinnett dot com and it will be the third book shown in the carousel at the top of the page. Or you can navigate to it by clicking the Books tab at the top of any page on my site.

So, what really happens when you finish an ebook and then return it to Amazon or one of the other retailers for a refund?
You think you got one over on big business, right?
You didn't.
To understand, go back to when you first bought it and we'll use Amazon as an example. If purchase an ebook for $5.99, the publisher/author gets 70% of that, after the delivery fee is subtracted. For most ebooks, that delivery cost is just a few pennies, but if the book includes certain things like maps or pictures, then the file size is larger, and Amazon charges a higher delivery fee to the publisher/author. For most of my books, that's between ten and thirteen cents.
So, a reader buys my book for $5.99, and the delivery charge is a dime, so I get 70% of $5.89, or about $4.12.
But if that book is returned to Amazon for a refund, Amazon is going to make sure they're not out a single penny, so on that month's sales report, they pass the full cost of the refund to the publisher/author. Not the 70% of $5.89, which went into the plus column, but 70% of the full list price--$5.99. They're going to keep that delivery fee.
The sale nets me $4.12 in the plus column and the return puts $4.19 into the negative column, for a net loss of $.07 TO THE AUTHOR for every return.
No, seven cents isn't very much money. But if this happens thousands of times a year, and it does, it adds up.
If you like a book, don't return it, thinking you're getting back at big business. You're actually taking money right out of the pocket of the author whose work you profess to enjoy.
If you REALLY want to get back at big business, BUY LOCAL.
My website sells the exact same ebooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks as all the retailers do, but I charge a dollar less at every turn. And if you're subscribed to my newsletter, you get another 10% off everything in the Ship's Store.
Many authors are now doing this, creating small businesses to sell their work for less than big business. And you have the satisfaction of knowing that even though you pay less, more money goes into those authors' pockets than if you buy retail. And we spend that money locally, keeping a buck in the community for much longer than if it went to big business.
Oh, and if you don't like the book, return it to me for a full refund and neither of us is out a penny.
waynestinnett dot com

Swift and Silent, the 27th novel in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, will go on preorder in two weeks and will be released on March 4, 2024.
Wait till you meet Jesse's new boat, Taranis, and their new puppy, Tank!

It's here...

I have two things to do today, and yes, I work on Sunday, Any day that ends with a Y is a workday. Always has been. But is what I do really work? I'm at the office seven days a week, usually 9-12 hours a day, except major holidays and NINC. But I just sit in this ...comfortable recliner with my laptop on a swing arm Air Desk, moving only my fingers. No chains to throw, no tarps to wrestle, no bungees breaking and slapping me in the face, no 600-miles of driving before falling into the sleeper exhaused. Compared to what I used to do, this "work" is a breeze. Long hours, yeah. But no real physical effort, which is why I hit the gym five days a week.

The first job of the day, I'm putting on the cans this morning to listen to, read along with, and QC the first third of the Weigh Anchor audiobook, which I've really been looking forward to hearing. I could hire someone to do the quality checks on Nick Sullivan's recording, but why? While a pro sound engineer might have better equipment, they wouldn't hear, or understand, the subtle nuances I write, and which Nick picks up on and brings to life in every audiobook. He's recorded every word I've ever published, and I've always been first to listen. So this is more of a reward than work. Weigh Anchor will be released on November 1 in eBook, audiobook, and paperback formats, and can be preordered now at all the major retailers. Check my website for links.

Second chore of the day, will be to finalize the Friends of the Devil manuscript with Stewart Matthews. Stewart's worked on this third installment in the Jerry Snyder and DJ Martin Caribbean Mystery Series for most of the summer, and I've been adding to, deleting from, revising, polishing, and enjoying the story for the last two months, while putting together the opening chapters of the next Jesse book #27, Swift and Silent. Friends of the Devil is easily the most action-packed book of the series, and probably of all my works. And it's a true who-done-it, with many plot twists and a total surprise at the end. Stewart is a master at weaving little details together that seem like nothing at the time, but are the building blocks of a great mystery. Friends of the Devil will go on preorder later this month with the release scheduled for Christmas Day.

I'll get back to Swift and Silent by the middle of October and it will go on preorder before the end of the month, as well.

If you missed Monday's TalkWrite livestream, here's the recording. It was a Hot Tropix episode, with Tropical Authors Nicholas Harvey, Don Rich, and Armand Rosamilia joining Nick Sullivan and I to talk about the fun we had at the NINC conference in St. Pete Beach.

Image for shared link
Season 4, Episode 6 - Hot Tropix

Guests Nick Harvey, Armand Rosamilia, and Don Rich, join Nick Sullivan and I to talk about the time we had at NINC in St. Pete Beach.