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The End
Tomorrow, I'll edit the last two chapters, then Steady As She Goes will be complete, precisely on the day I set last fall, but 5,746 words longer than originally planned. The first rewrite after editing will be the week of July 5, with a release on August 16. So, for the next three... weeks I'll be pouring the coals to Lost Charity, while I create the outline for the next Jesse book, All Ahead Full.

As often happens when I'm writing, an idea came to me while writing Steady As She Goes, the 21st Jesse book, for the opening chapter of Charity #6, which now has a title. I've been working on it for nearly a year, but couldn't get enthused. Now, I have a title, writing schedule, and ...a release date. Lost Charity will be available for preorder next month, and will be released on December 20. Between now and then, I'll finish Steady As She Goes and Right Full Rudder, which will also go on preorder next month. Steady is scheduled for release on August 16, and Rudder on December 6.

Final April Release!
Cayo Costa Breeze, by the late Ed Robinson

In two weeks, on Monday, May 3, Nick Sullivan and I will have a very special guest on Talk Write, one of my all-time favorite authors, going back thirty years, James W. Hall, author of the exciting Thorn novels.
So, set your alarm, mark your calendar, or whatever you need to do to remind ...yourself. Or better still, just subscribe to my channel on YouTube and click the notification bell, and a half hour before we start live streaming, you'll be notified by email. Just go to YouTube and search for my name.

Less than 36 hours left to preorder Rising Tide.
I wonder who will be the first to report that they've read it.
Binge reading starts tomorrow night, just after midnight.
Have a happy Monday!

According to my writing schedule, I'm not supposed to reach 17,000 words in Steady As She Goes until tomorrow. But as you can see, I'm nearly halfway through Monday's work already.
This is good, since last Saturday was the first time I'd taken a full day off since Christmas,... even writing through Covid. Since hiring Aurora Publicity back in September, and turning over more and more of my daily non-writing chores to them, and also finishing the three books I'd been working on since November, I've been going home earlier in the day.
I'm now going to take a full day off every week, but it won't be the traditional weekend.
Since days all mean the same to me, our weekends going forward will be Wednesday and Thursday, with Wednesday a full day, completely unplugged and Thursday just for sales data entry and email. Maybe at some point, I can completely unplug for both days.

Mark Ferguson, of Telford, PA, was the first to order a signed copy of the Fallen Out hardback. Thanks, Mark!
Yes, I said hardback.
My daughter sells autographed copies of all my paperbacks on our website, plus T-shirts, mugs, and other swag. Now, we're adding hardbacks.
You can ...also buy the eBooks directly from my website, without having to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other big store. Just go to waynestinnett dot com and click on the Books tab at the top. It's that easy, and it helps with Jordan's college tuition.

With the release of Wayward Sons and Rising Tide coming in less than two weeks, I've been able to give more attention to the next book in the Jesse series, Steady As She Goes. Today, I passed the 10,000 word mark of an expected 70,000 words. It's 14% complete and on schedule.