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Fourth set of two deadlifts at 280 pounds. This is 15 pounds above the state record I set in March.
Next meet is Veteran’s Day.

Finally getting there!
A Seller's Market will be available for preorder in the next couple of weeks and will be released the same day as Weigh Anchor, the 26th book in the original Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series.
Both will be available for preorder by the end of the month ...and will be released on November 1. In the meantime, here's the new cover.
This will be the first book in the Young Jesse McDermitt Tropical Adventure Series, where we get to know Jesse in his formative years. In this book, he's 17 and fresh out of boot camp with his new friend Jim Thurman, who has just picked up the nickname Rusty. We'll meet Frank and Norma McDermitt, Jesse's grandparents who raised him, and learn more about Bo and Helen McDermitt, Jesse's parents, and the circumstances of their deaths. We'll meet a younger Billy Rainwater and learn more about Jesse's connection to him and his father, and why Billy builds 4x4s. There's even a passing meeting with Tank Tankersley, though his name isn't mentioned. That's an Easter egg. I'm sure fans of the original series will have no trouble finding him.
In fact, this book is full of Easter eggs, as Jesse is learning many of the skills and sayings he uses in later life. I'm having such a blast writing this book--it practially writes itself--that it's almost half written already.
The idea for this new series came to me when I was talking to a youngish friend, an active duty Marine, who'd just returned from leave where he got married down in Florida. They honeymooned in Key West and he might or might not have gotten into a bit of trouble. Warning to all: Any conversation with me is fodder for fiction.
Anyway, I realized that during his twenty years in the Corps, Jesse would have had twenty 30-day leaves, and since I haven't written any flashbacks to those events in the current series, I had twenty possible books where Jesse would go on leave to some tropical location or another.
The series will be alphabetical, starting with A Seller's Market. The next one will be Blue Heaven in 2024, then Cocaine Cowboy later that year, and Deadly Gambit in 2025.
This isn't replacing the current series, but I think these books will give the current series more depth.

Weigh Anchor, #26 in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, is coming this fall!
Preorder starts very soon and subscribers to my newsletter are the first to know and be able to take advantage of the half-off early-bird preorder special.

Wow! It's been more than two years since I posted this.
Tropical Authors now has more than 40 author members, each one vetted before becoming a member.
This means at least two or three new releases are featured in each newsletter, now sent on the 1st and 15th of every month. Also, you... can count on several of our member authors running promotions for discounted or even free books.
While the newsletter isn't yet weekly, it has grown. And we want to grow it some more. But organically.
I write exactly the type of books that I prefer to read. So, if you like what I write, odds are you'll like what I read.
My reading list is now comprised solely of Tropical Author Members. Well, until Randy Wayne White releases a new Doc Ford or Hannah Smith book.

So, how do you work on multiple projects at the same time? I get asked that a lot, because I do it a lot. Currently, I have two books with editors, actually, one still is, and the other is ready for rewrite starting tomorrow. While I was still writing in both of those, I started writing a third, and developing the idea for a fourth. I use a very simple method to stay on track.
I set a goal. In this case, to release two books at once on July 1, four months after my last release, and then two more on November 1, two months after those two.
Then I created a managable and conservative plan, involving the many moving parts of writing four books at once.
According to most business professionals the next step is simple. Implement like hell.
Set a goal.
Create a plan to achieve that goal.
Stick to the plan.
I'm happy to report that now that Liable Charity and No Collar to Tank Top are out of my hands and I can work on just two books, I'm not only on schedule, but my word count goal for BOTH books for all of NEXT week has already been met.

We got a puppy!
Milly is a nine-week-old dachshund mix. Maybe chihuahua, which would mean she's a chiweenie. She came from a litter of eight girls and one boy, at a no-kill shelter in Ridgeland, SC.

So, I'm writing some scenes set on Parris Island when Jesse is in boot camp and found something kinda funny. If you're a Marine, you've heard this over and over. "Get on line! Three! Two! One!"
Well, MS Word wants me to change on line to online.
Ah... the seventies.... Such a simpler time.

Tag your friends who listen.
For the rest of March, the first audiobook in all three of my series are discounted to just $3.99 on Chirp Books.
Just click on the link and then sort by Price {Low to High) and the first audiobook in each series will be listed first with the days remaining on Don't wait. Listen today.

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Talk about a deal! Chirp Books has the Fallen Out audiobook at half price. Regularly $7.99, they've discounted it to just $3.99 for the month of March. Let your friends know!

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Fallen Out

When Jesse McDermitt leaves the Marine Corps, he has no idea what he will do for the rest of his life. He only knows he doesn’t want to spend the...

A quarter million dollars worth of uncut gemstones is found near Jesse's remote island in the Florida Keys.
A crazed serial killer is on the loose in Miami.
What will Jesse do?
Fish On is now available wherever books are sold.

A couple of my Tropical Author friends, Nicholas Harvey and Douglas Pratt have started a new podcast. First episode's in the can and quite entertaining. I'm surprised you didn't pick breathing underwater like Aquaman, Nick. I'm with Doug, though. Being invisible would be a lot ...of fun, especially here in spooky old Beaufort.

I had a little time this morning, between quality checking the first third of the Fish On audiobook and a meeting with Kimberli Bindschatel to iron out some plot points on Liable Charity, so I started writing the first chapter of Seller's Market, which will be the first book in the Young Jesse... McDermitt Tropical Leave Adventure Series.
Couldn't help myself. I already outlined the first few chapters.

I just finished listening to chapter 13 of Fish On, my upcoming audiobook, narrated as always, by the multi-talented Mr. Nick Sullivan.
Yes, I'm blatantly sucking up to him, because his own books are soon going to mean he cuts back even more on his narration.
For those who prefer to ...listen, I can already promise, only 1/3 through, that you're in for an awesome performance (no sucking up, just the truth) with this new project.
Fish On can be preordered at quite a few audiobook stores all around the world, including my own website, but not on Audible.
The retail release date is February 28, but there's a very good chance that newsletter subscribers will get earlier delivery of either the ebook or audiobook.
Big newsletter announcement coming Wednesday.