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After a fantastic launch and 90-day Kindle Unlimited run, Steady As She Goes, the 21st book in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, is now available anywhere books are sold--Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google, even my website. Yes, you can now purchase my eBooks directly ...from my website.

Meanwhile, I'm cheating. I think next time I decide to put off writing the next book for a few weeks, I'll do it when the weather's warmer. Yeah, I've written the second chapter of Man Overboard.

Tomorrow, All Ahead Full goes to my editor and I get Lost Charity back. Next week will be a busy week with rewriting Lost and editing Nick’s recording of Fallen Out, which will be distributed through Findaway Voices.

The End
For the second time in as many weeks.
Since April, when I finished Steady As She Goes, I decided to do something I'd tried to do once several years ago but didn't succeed at. I wrote two books at the same time.
Now that All Ahead Full is finished, it will go into the ...publishing process right behind Lost Charity, which went to my editor this past Monday. They'll come out of editing two weeks apart, but that will tighten up as both books move through proofreading, audiobook narrating, and formatting.
Lost Charity is scheduled for release on Cyber Monday, November 29, and All Ahead Full will be released on December 6, one week later. Both are currently on preorder on Amazon.
During this next week, All Ahead Full will get fleshed out a little by me and my team of experts in many fields, as we pore over the manuscript to find all those pesky plot holes.
Once these two books are released, I'll be taking the rest of December off and won't start the next book until the first of the year. Man Overboard is scheduled for release on June 1, 2022 and Right Full Rudder on November 1, 2022. Going forward, I will only be writing two books a year, instead of the customary three. Well, I might sneak another Charity book in, now that I know I can do it, if given the time.
This will allow me to devote more time to my business, Down Island Press, which will soon be accepting submissions from other authors. I've partnered with Samantha Williams of Aurora Publicity in this new, grass-roots startup. She's also dreamed of opening a publishing company, and we've put together an exceptional team of professionals. I'll be announcing more about this very soon.

In case you missed it last night, or left before we actually got things working, here's last night's Talk Write episode. Due to technical problems that may or may not have been caused by the Facebook outage, we were about six minutes late in starting. Thanks to all the patient viewers who... hung around.

Image for shared link
Talk Write Podcast, Season 2, Episode 6

A live stream recorded on Monday, October 4, 2021. Sort of a Writer's Circle, though I think we need a better name for it. A bunch of Tropical ...

Come join us tonight, as we toast Dawn on the show.

I had a great time at the annual Novelists, Inc (NINC) conference last week. As always, the Gulf Coast sunsets didn't disappoint. I had no writing scheduled, but spent the week talking with other authors, attending informative sessions, and relaxing on the beach with my wife and our youngest ...daughter.
This week, I'm happy to be back in my writing recliner putting the finishing touches on Lost Charity, which will go to my editor on Monday.
So, how did you spend the week?

Meet the real Bud Ferguson, USMC, about 1955, and his son, Mark Ferguson. Thanks for letting me use your dad, Mark!

The End

Nothing like a deadline to dig those words out of my head. I wrote over 3500 words today, when I'd only planned 1000, to finish Lost Charity. Hell of a plot twist at the end which I never saw coming.

We're leaving Sunday to go to the NINC (Novelists, Inc) ...conference in St. Pete Beach, FL and when we get back, I'll have two weeks to write the last two chapters of All Ahead Full.

Write two books at once? Piece of cake. But I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon.

Annnnd, since I've been working on more than one book at a time since last November, the next Jesse book, All Ahead Full, only needs a couple of weeks of work after I get back from a writer's conference in Florida week after next.
Lost Charity will be released on November 29.
All ...Ahead Full will be released a week later, on December 6.
Both are on preorder on Amazon.