Vodou Child


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When an evil spirit murders a two-bit hustler preacher on French St. Martin, a conspiracy obsessed Vodou priest calls Jerry Snyder and DJ Martin to investigate.

When they arrive, the hustler preacher is, indeed, dead, and his underage girlfriend kidnapped, but to a seasoned investigator like Jerry, a murderous spirit seems… far-fetched. For starters, the preacher swindled a laundry list of locals, and no matter how vengeful a ghost may become, without a physical body, it’s impossible to hold a knife.

But, as Jerry and DJ methodically work the case, neither man can shake the feeling that something wicked is chasing them through the dark alleys and secret hounfours of St. Martin. Whatever it is, they must find a way to shake it off and get the job done, because there’s still a kidnapped girl to be saved.

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