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Book Cover of Wayward Song by Wayne Stinnett and Stewart Matthews
Wayward Sons
Jerry Snyder
A Jerry Snyder Novel
Caribbean Mystery Series
Volume 1

Where Jerry Snyder goes, trouble follows. Someone tried to kill him and his bride on their honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. And moving there permanently is proving to be anything but tranquil.

First, he’s working for the secretive Armstrong Organization—a group dedicated to hunting terrorists, drug smugglers, and the nastiest criminals since Blackbeard.

Second, his partner is DJ Martin, a one-legged Airborne vet who has the temperament of a croc with a toothache. DJ has never met a nose he couldn’t break, and he’s tested plenty of them.

When a body washes ashore at an island resort in Culebra, a family desperate for help turns to Jerry and DJ. Sailing the Caribbean looking for answers, their course proves deadlier than either man bargained for. And when Jerry’s past dealings appear on the horizon, the two men have to find common ground to overcome a cunning, powerful enemy with a desire more dangerous than murder.