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The cover of Wayne Stinnett's novel, Vigilant Charity
Vigilant Charity
Charity Styles
A Charity Styles Novel
Caribbean Thriller Series
Volume 5

Charity Styles has been aimlessly wandering the Pacific aboard her beloved sloop, Wind Dancer, and only recently returned to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Entering a secluded cove in the Sea of Abaco, of the Bahamas, she runs into an old acquaintance and the woman’s young daughter.

The two women have a few things in common, not the least of which are four men’s bodies at the bottom of a 600-foot-deep blue hole on Hoffman’s Cay. The reunion is fraught with “what ifs.” What if Charity had enjoyed a normal childhood like her friend’s young daughter? What if her mother hadn’t abandoned her as a child? What if her father hadn’t died alone when she was away in college? What if Victor hadn’t been murdered?

Just as Charity begins to relax and truly enjoy the companionship of a good friend, disaster strikes. In an instant, she’s faced with a terrible choice that will push Charity to her limits. Her action could mean the difference between life and death for both mother and daughter.

When Charity’s two worlds collide violently, a drug running operation is exposed, as well as a slick southern lawyer. Will Charity handle things in her usual way?