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Friends of the Devil by Author Wayne Stinnett and Stewart Matthews
Friends of the Devil
Jerry Snyder
A Jerry Snyder Novel
Caribbean Mystery Series
Volume 3

After watching his yacht burn to the waterline in a fiery explosion, Jerry Snyder is forced to make a deal with the only devil who can help track down a lead—his estranged, mob-connected father figure, Arlen Burkhart.

The investigation starts on unsure footing, and Jerry’s deal with Arlen goes from bad to worse when, at a funeral held on a private Caribbean island where the uber-wealthy have met to pay respects to one of their own, bodies begin to wash up at Jerry’s feet like fish on a red tide.

In this luxurious tropical paradise, murder, blackmail, and deceit are the name of the game, and secrets are as abundant as sins. Before Jerry can determine who is trying to kill the funeral attendees, he’ll not only have to risk his life, but he’ll also have to confront a past which threatens to claim his very soul.