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Book Cover of Bad Blood by Wayne Stinnett
Bad Blood
Young Jesse McDermitt
A Young Jesse McDermitt Novel
Tropical Adventure Series
Volume 2

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It’s been three months since Jesse McDermitt had any time off to go back home to Florida. When two surprise openings on the leave roster open up, he and his friend Rusty Thurman jump on it and head back to the Keys for some scuba diving.

The husband of a local reporter’s friend has nearly been killed. Not once, but four times in less than a month. The reporter is Jesse’s new girlfriend and they become curious. How does a man survive four attempts on his life?

Meanwhile, the man Jesse helped put away is doing time in Florida State Prison, hundreds of miles to the north. But Bear Bering isn’t completely cutoff. His cousin, Chuck, is still working the tourist crowds in Key West and has learned that Jesse and Rusty are back in town.

Suddenly, Jesse and his friends are in danger, and once again they are forced to leave. A biker gang, under Chuck Bering’s direction, comes after Jesse and his friends. The leader, a mountain of a man named Sideshift, served time with Bear and both he and Chuck want to see Jesse and anyone around him crushed.

Jesse and friends sail to Key West to find out who the bungling would-be murderer is, and everything comes to a head on Mallory Square, when the bikers, the murderer, and Bear’s family all come at Jesse as one.

Murder and mayhem in paradise…