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Book Cover of Apalach Affair by Wayne Stinnett
Apalach Affair
Jesse McDermitt
A Jesse McDermitt Novel
Caribbean Adventure Series
Volume 28

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Jesse McDermitt is back, just as he promised. This time, he is thrust into the heart of the Florida Panhandle’s Tate’s Hell State Forest, where the tranquil surroundings belie a dangerous secret—a network of clandestine meth labs hidden against the backdrop of the Forgotten Coast’s natural beauty.

Jesse, a retired Marine turned charter boat captain, has brought his family to Apalachicola “for the oysters.” But being who he is, the leisurely cruise soon spins into a gripping quest to unravel the truth behind the illicit operations threatening the region.

As rumors swirl around the waterfront, Jesse is propelled into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, navigating through a maze of secrets and deception to expose the sinister forces at play.

With his trademark blend of resourcefulness and determination, Jesse uncovers a web of intrigue that threatens to tear apart the fabric of the tight-knit community.