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Ruthless Charity

After licking her physical and emotional wounds for several months, Charity Styles finally has a shot at redemption when her handler offers her a mission. It’s dangerous, sure, but Charity also knows that it’s meant as a test of her self-control.

In the jungles of Venezuela, a land baron controls the native population with an iron fist … and a security team with over-indulged libidos and quick trigger fingers. The indigenous people live in fear—all but one old shaman, who has a vision of the future. A vision that includes piranha and crocodiles.

Charity’s target is a single man. But when she learns of the atrocities committed by the land baron, and the carnage inflicted on the defenseless Wanadi people by his security team, will she stop at that? Can she keep her blood-lust in check this time?

Book categories: Charity and New Release